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SSG is interested in learning the unique needs of both employers and candidates to identify where they intersect to create the ideal alignment. In the industries we serve, one of the biggest challenges job seekers face is knowing when to take a chance while preserving present accomplishments and minimizing risk.

Who should you talk to? Who offers the best employment options based on a combination of your skills, your goals, and your financial requirements and aspirations? What about your work-life balance and team and project diversity? These questions are just the starting point of a total process that SSG employs to help you find the perfect fit. Employers engage us not just because we have an abundance of contacts and candidates but because we have the right people for their specific needs – on demand.

The benefits of the contract staffing model, to both clients and candidates, are many and time-tested. The specific advantages are as numerous and varied as the organizations and individuals that benefit from them.

For our clients, SSG contract staffing offers a solid platform for scalability and an effective means of “variable-izing” personnel overhead in project cost structures. This new level of control means enhanced ability to adhere to project timelines and stay within budget through final delivery. Perhaps more importantly, it affords access to highly specialized skillsets and experience that cannot be justified in a full-time role but are either critical to their ability to deliver or create a significant competitive advantage.

For the individual worker, contract roles provide a range of advantages that continue to multiply as the contract staffing model gains acceptance and popularity as a basic talent management and human resources practice. Contract assignments expand the candidate’s field of choice in terms of roles, offer exposure to new industries and domains, and provide the flexibility to work within personal constraints and achieve lifestyle objectives. Often, a contract assignment is a win-win in terms of affording both parties the opportunity to assess the fit and ultimately end in an accepted offer of full-time employment.

SSG’s purpose of creating ideal opportunities and positive experiences is supported by a culture of excellence and our employees’ personal investment in ideal outcomes.

Contact SSG today to learn how we can help you make contract staffing part of your plan for organizational or personal success.

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