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Employers, as well as job seekers, know how challenging it can be to match experience, skills, and goals with pay, environment, organizational culture, and all the other factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking to fill a position or land a job. SSG understands that employers and job seekers have different histories, perspectives, and needs and therefore require a range of engagement or hiring options.

The contract to hire staffing option can be beneficial when clients need someone for a finite period of time while reserving the option to hire, or perhaps they simply wish to validate the “fit” before discussing long-term opportunities. Regardless of the reason for contract to hire staffing needs, SSG is well equipped to help. SSG understands the various tangibles, and intangibles, to consider when assessing a mutual fit. We specialize in creating true alignment so that the end result is sustainable and mutually beneficial to the company and job seeker alike.

Regardless of the requirement or context, SSG understands that finding the right fit requires getting to know our clients and their desired results as well as getting to know our job seekers beyond the black and white of their resume. That includes delving into both strengths and weaknesses, their aspirations, and what would be the "perfect opportunity," and ideal environment in which their particular strengths and preferences would allow them to flourish – and exceed expectations.

As a part of our proven process and core values, SSG maintains strict confidentiality when sourcing candidates for our clients’ contract to hire positions. All of our team members understand this duty to our clients and candidates and embrace its underlying principle.

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