How Staffing Agencies Work

At the foundation of every organization are teams and the individuals that compose them. The collective knowledge, experience, leadership, and culture that these individuals represent is the number one determinant of success – or failure. No company, regardless of how robust their strategy, is capable of achieving sustainable success and expected levels of performance without a strong, dedicated team.

Our team understands your industry’s dynamics and drivers, knows the right questions to ask, and is familiar with the key players in the marketplaces we serve. One of the key differences between us and our competitors is our depth of understanding of both the employers' and job seekers' needs and unique perspectives. This insight combines with a focus on process to provide a quality of service second-to-none. When going through our different stages of meeting, strategy, screening, selection, and placement, our clients get the personal attention that each job requisition deserves. We ask the questions that only experience provides.

Our process’s core concepts and values include:

  1. Career Pathing. Our job is to get to know you and to understand your goals, strengths, preferences, and aspirations. That knowledge provides a sound basis for matching you with an ideally aligned environment where your and the organization’s respective needs and expectations are met. Acting on assumptions about your needs and desires or disregarding the less objective, but often more important, elements of a sound match does a disservice to both candidates and clients. Effective talent alignment is about individual satisfaction which ultimately translates to team and organizational success.
  2. Integrity. Due to the highly competitive nature of this industry, SSG understands that confidentiality is a serious concern for both employers and job seekers. Respecting that confidentiality lies at the center of our core beliefs. We consider it a duty to those we represent and every customer and candidate can rely on our commitment to fulfilling it.
  3. Integrated processes for total alignment. Our competitors tend to view sourcing/recruiting, skills analysis, and screening/interviewing as separate processes. We disagree. We have found great success in integrating the processes and connecting the responsible team members in a meaningful way. This results in a more holistic approach and better outcomes for our candidates and clients.

Job opportunities and candidates come and go as quickly as the individual motivations for choosing one over another. Sometimes you cannot gauge the right option solely in terms of offered compensation or candidate hard skills. SSG’s goal is to understand the set of priorities and considerations and help our clients and candidates holistically assess their options. By delving deeper into these variables and drivers, SSG strives to create the perfect opportunity for both employers and job seekers.

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