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SSG recognizes that a few pages of text and bullets cannot fully convey who you are, your personality, what your goals and ambitions are, what work-life balance you want, or your full list of skills and accomplishments (both personal and professional). We work to understand your key talents and skills in the context of your personality, communication style, and cultural preferences so that we can create a match that addresses both the “hard” and “soft” determinants of success. We have no problem expressing to our clients that your satisfaction and success is more important than their desire to hire you. In the final analysis, when we satisfy all of your needs and desires that produces employee satisfaction and success which in turn creates the end result our clients need: productive, motivated, and happy long-term employees.

SSG creates a holistic and positive experience for our candidates by providing mutually beneficial matches for both candidates and employers. We understand the difficulties that can be encountered when looking for a new position, such as compensation packages, work-life balance, and new technology opportunities. When it comes to the uncertainty, we can help you discern whether or not the opportunity will be worth the while or a good match for you.

More importantly, we understand the nuances and close-knit communities of the Engineering, Scientific, and Technical staffing sectors, which is why we work with the utmost confidentiality when it comes to helping you find a new position without compromising your current situation. We will provide you with the best options available while keeping your search or interest discreet.

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