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SSG works with you to help you set attainable growth and performance goals in your business or career and identify and execute on our role in helping you achieve them. To that end, our placement services go beyond the baseline task of matching resume line items with job description bullets. To create the ideal alignment that enables attainment of your personal or organizational goals, we work to learn who you are as an individual or an organization. We want to know what your respective strengths, weaknesses, and needs are as well as the overarching purpose, goals, and beliefs that drive you.

As a leader in the Engineering, Scientific, and Technical sectors for staffing, SSG offers a spectrum of customizable placement services that have demonstrated success and value by consistently satisfying the needs of both employers and job seekers simultaneously:

Connecting the right person at the right time with the right role and team is our first priority. Ultimately, it’s about locating an organizational gap or need which the individual’s experience and skills can immediately fulfill but which is also a proving ground for their untapped potential. An ideal match looks beyond the tactical and the short term to the more strategic talent alignment and the path to individual fulfillment. When we do this well we’ve succeeded in creating real value and a lasting impact that ripples far beyond the candidate and the hiring manager themselves.

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